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Nemeton realizace spol. s r.o.

We have been a family business since 2010. We offer professional services from designing the garden, through landscaping to garden architecture. With our professional team, we conduct a survey and assessment of the state of the garden space and the green. We document everything, create visualizations, and discuss with you on the spot.

Příbram I,  Region: Středočeský
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For over 17 years we provide complete floral decoration companies, representational space, hotels and apartments. We also offer links flowers for different occasions and also floral wedding service. We shop and stone store and deliver goods to you.

Ořech,  Region: Středočeský
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Royal Mayer

We provide private individuals and companies with comprehensive gardening, greenery and lawn maintenance. We design and implement gardens exactly according to your requirements. We also reconstruct older gardens. We provide the establishment and maintenance of lawns, landscaping of gardens, cuttings of fruit trees, garden ponds realization, construction of pergolas and pavilions, vertiquation etc.

Praha 4,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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Likvidace odpadů Janovský a syn

We specialize in the disposal of waste and black dumps. We provide rental of containers for waste disposal and import of various building materials. We operate a collection yard in Prague 4. We are also focused on cleaning of black dumps and we are able to arrange subsequent gardening work for regeneration of the place.

Praha 4,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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Antonka,  Region: Vysočina
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C&C Eko s.r.o.

We produce quality afropelets made of hay, straw, corn and wheat. Our pelets are suitable feed, easier to digest and more nutritious than wheat, corn, hay and straw alone; they are ideal dust-free bedding with amazing absorbent skills; and are ecological fuel with heat-making equal to brown coal and law content of ashes. Our agropelets are of high quality and available at wholesale prices.

Mankovice,  Region: Moravskoslezský
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Vladislav Schmidt

Praha 9 - Újezd nad Lesy,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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BOLEA s.c. Bożena John, Joanna Zioło

Our company has in its offer more than 100 kinds of high-quality seasoning, aromas and essential oils, which meet the requirements of the European Union. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Oleśnica,  Region: Dolnośląskie
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We sell different kinds of fungi. With qualified staff, as well as special machines we have become competition for other companies. We have a wide knowledge of our product range. We are of the highest quality, hygiene and purity. We want every potential contractor was satisfied with the purchased goods. We look forward to exemplary reputation among buyers.

Pępowo,  Region: Wielkopolskie
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