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Likvidace odpadů Janovský a syn

We specialize in the disposal of waste and black dumps. We provide rental of containers for waste disposal and import of various building materials. We operate a collection yard in Prague 4. We are also focused on cleaning of black dumps and we are able to arrange subsequent gardening work for regeneration of the place.

Praha 4,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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We specialize in the implementaiton of roof and vertical gardens completely on the turnkey basis. We offer professional gardening services from the design, construction, implementation of irrigation systems, periodical maintenance and care for trees and much more. We provide old garden recostructions. Accordning to your requirements we deliver plant images. We provide loose material transport.

Vonoklasy,  Region: Středočeský
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Nemeton realizace spol. s r.o.

We offer implementation of gardens, including detailed visualization, reclamation and pond making. We provide expert advice and service of implemented gardens. We treat each customer individually with the utmost care and helpfulness. Contact us with your requirements and we will create a garden for you to enjoy relaxing and spending time. We look forward to working with you.

Jablonná,  Region: Středočeský
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For over 14 years we provide complete floral decoration companies, representational space, hotels and apartments. We also offer links flowers for different occasions and also floral wedding service. We shop and stone store and deliver goods to you.

Ořech,  Region: Středočeský
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Royal Mayer

We provide private individuals and companies with comprehensive gardening, greenery and lawn maintenance. We design and implement gardens exactly according to your requirements. We also reconstruct older gardens. We provide the establishment and maintenance of lawns, landscaping of gardens, cuttings of fruit trees, garden ponds realization, construction of pergolas and pavilions, vertiquation etc.

Praha 4,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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Studio AMMI s.r.o.

We are arranging flowers, decorating interiors and exteriors not only during ceremonial occasions, modern and creative bonding of flowers and providing wedding floral service. We offer a wide range of seasonal decorations and we create floral arrangements according to customers' wishes, which we also supply to companies and social spaces.

Brno - Lesná,  Region: Jihomoravský
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Michaela Hronová

Praha 9 - Horní Počernice,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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LUME Servis- Obchod- Služby pro zemědělství

We provide services to farmers. We specialize in the transportation of grain, baling straw, manure fertilization, mulching parties, and dams, cutting, turning, raking, pressing of hay, straw and silage, winter road maintenance, work with a roller and a manipulator. Furthermore, in agriculture, we also provide transportation using tractor-trailer, flatbed or cars with trailers.

Nová Cerekev,  Region: Vysočina
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Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe „Centnas"

After our company has been active on the seed market for many years it has become one of the main creators of this sector of the economy. Good knowledge of the realities of the seed segment supported by a high level of technological development enabling flexible adaptation to the individual needs of each client. We have experiences, well-organized distribution network and professional personnel.

Krotoszyn,  Region: Wielkopolskie
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