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Ing. Dušan Tripal

Třeštice,  Region: Vysočina
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EKORA s.r.o.

We specialize in exploration and monitoring work such as surface sampling, underground sampling, sampling of groundwater, sampling of soil samples, etc. We carry out the remediation of ecological burdens, environmental expert opinions and audits including risk analysis, hydrogeological and geological assessments, environmental impact assessments environment and flood control plans.

Praha 4,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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MARTING, s.r.o.

We specialize in construction and production of equipment for automation and mechanization. We provide belt, cylinder, chain, belt, modular, wired and special conveyors, screws intake separators, traffic, spedition, production and assembly lines, separation flaps and slides, ball tables, positioning platforms, stacks, hoppers and security parapet. We provide ND delivery and conveyor service.

Brno,  Region: Jihomoravský
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SEPAS a.s.

Zašová,  Region: Zlínský
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We specialize on drinkable and usable water adjustments throughout the entire Czech Republic. We will provide chemical and microbiological analysis of your water and suggest solutions for bacteria removal, lowering of the levels of metal, manganese and heavy metals, nitrates, sulfates and chlorides and radioactive elements. We will soften your water with active coal. Get in touch with us!

Příbram I,  Region: Středočeský
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BLÁŽA steel, s.r.o.

Ostrava - Hulváky,  Region: Moravskoslezský
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We deal with processing and recycling of plastic waste, production of quality plastic semifinished products and final products. We offer grass paving, composters, plastic rubble, agglomerates, regranulates and sacks. We specialize in reinforcing surfaces.

Uherské Hradiště,  Region: Zlínský
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ALFICO s. r. o.

Lukavec,  Region: Ústecký
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