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PRHAS s.r.o.

We are supplying fire extinguishers and complete accessories. We distribute foam, powder, water and snow fire extinguishers, hydrants and hydrant systems, autonomous fire detectors, sorption substances, etc. We provide service and inspection of fire extinguishers, according to valid legal regulations. We supply fire protection tables and photoluminescent escape tables.

Praha 5 - Radotín,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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IHAS s.r.o.

We offer expert advice in the field of occupational safety with a focus on industrial plants, gas facilities and laboratories. We deal with implementation of Government Regulation No. 406/2004 Coll. We provide processing of HAZOP and SIL analyzes, sales of aids and equipment, revision of gas equipment, calculations of pressure resistance, measurement of dust and leakage of flammable gases.

Karviná,  Region: Moravskoslezský
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Jablonec nad Nisou,  Region: Liberecký
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Rock Empire s.r.o.

Benešov nad Ploučnicí,  Region: Ústecký
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Since the start of its activities are focused on the area of slings, lifting and handling equipment, steel ropes, lashing equipment and related product range. Sales Department is at Šalounova 31, 70300 Ostrava - Vitkovice, Czech Republic.

Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava,  Region: Moravskoslezský
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RA + spol., s.r.o.

Mladá Boleslav,  Region: Středočeský
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ELSA Consulting s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in solutions and analysis of structures, providing the necessary protection against any danger. The services specialize in the areas of analysis of extreme effects of load, ex environment - explosion-proof construction, fire - fire-threatened structures, calculations and analyzes, statics and dynamics and reinforcement of FRP structures and structural measurements.

Praha 10 - Hájek,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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INTER GIPS spol. s r.o.

Our specialties are dry indoor constructions. We supply and assemble various plasterboard systems, suspended acoustic ceilings, fireproof tiles, packings and fillings, acoustic partitions, mobile partitions, loft and superstructures, suspension cassette ceilings, double floor systems etc. We cooperate only with leading suppliers of building components.

Praha 5 - Slivenec,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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FASTRA s.r.o.

Based on the requirements resulting from the certification and registration of organizations in the gas industry, we offer as a service ballooning and drilling work. We supply shutter balls, piping system components, fire protection fittings, PE pipe electrode pipes, pipeline drilling equipment, pipe closure and many more.

Kolín,  Region: Středočeský
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Company with a long tradition in selling technology for sand blasting, painting and metallization for professional use. Commercial and technical representation and a strong background Dürr Systems Czech Republic a.s a CONTRACTOR GmbH.

Lehota,  Region: Nitriansky
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