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ZAGAL, spol. s r.o.

Klatovy IV,  Region: Plzeňský
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DELOR MORAVIA s.r.o. - Zakázkové krejčovství

Bespoke tailoring Delor Moravia Brno offers women's and men's clothing of the highest quality. Our products are characterized by precise processing, and also thanks to fashion consultants who have gained rich experience in top international salons. We believe that our offer and choose yours. We also offer gift vouchers for luxury clothes from our workshop.

Brno - Trnitá,  Region: Jihomoravský
Country: cz Czech Republic More...


We produce and sell carpets and floor textiles. We export carpets to the whole Europe. We offer wide range of footage and pieced carpets, we provide their further adjustments such as cutting, carpeting and implementation.

Jiříkov,  Region: Ústecký
Country: cz Czech Republic More...

PULS - PRAHA s.r.o.

We are a supplier of professional hairdressing needs. In our offer you will find hairdressing combs and brushes, hairdressing scissors, professional hairdressing furniture, hairdressing coats, depilation waxes, hairdressing trainings, sprays, brushes, hairpins, pins, curlers, pinnets, hairdressing stools and tables, plastic hairdressing sinks, hairdressing Razor and cutter.

Praha 4 - Nusle,  Region: Hl. město Praha
Country: cz Czech Republic More...


Jablonec nad Nisou,  Region: Liberecký
Country: cz Czech Republic More...

Rock Empire s.r.o.

Benešov nad Ploučnicí,  Region: Ústecký
Country: cz Czech Republic More...

Ing. Stanislav Jakoubek - textilní výroba a prodej

We specialize in the production of bedding. We provide wholesale and retail sale of terry and bamboo sheets, hotel sheets in atypical designs and dimensions, quilts and pillows, bathrobes, linen, jersey sheets, classic cotton woven sheets and much more.

Dětěnice,  Region: Královéhradecký
Country: cz Czech Republic More...

TFP universal a.s.

Praha 6 - Přední Kopanina,  Region: Hl. město Praha
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Vítek Rostislav - Plavecké vybavení

We are engaged in the sale of recreational and sports swimming needs and equipment. We also offer custom production of swimming needs directly to the customer's level. We supply recreational and racing swimwear, swimming caps, sports backpacks and bags, swimming goggles, swimming cosmetics, snorkels, nasal grippers, swimming weight aids, waterproof bags, sports drawbags and much more.

Brno - Lesná,  Region: Jihomoravský
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EV - DAM Henryk Pokora

We are a company that is engaged in manufacturing of table accessories. In our offer we have towels, napkins, tablecloths, rugs, boxes for bread and collections relevant to the upcoming holidays. Our products are made of high quality materials such as cotton, linen and polyester fibers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Głogów,  Region: Dolnośląskie
Country: pl Poland More...


We are engaged in the retail and wholesale sale of fabrics, textiles and textile haberdashery. In our assortment you can find a variety of textile materials in one color, glossy and matt, printed and decorated design. We deliver the required quantity according to your order. We offer unbeatable prices and fast delivery times. You can find the current offer on our website.

Brantice,  Region: Moravskoslezský
Country: cz Czech Republic More...

Jiří Vlček

Kolinec,  Region: Plzeňský
Country: cz Czech Republic More...


Company with a long tradition in selling technology for sand blasting, painting and metallization for professional use. Commercial and technical representation and a strong background Dürr Systems Czech Republic a.s a CONTRACTOR GmbH.

Lehota,  Region: Nitriansky
Country: sk Slovak Republic More...